Prepared Ayurvedic cosmetics

Prepared Ayurvedic cosmetics


Aimil Amroid

“Eases the discomfort of Piles”

Amroid the comprehensive management of haemorrhoids. It provides complete & comprehensive management in Ist and IInd degree haemorrhoids & supportive therapy in 3rd and 4th degree haemorrhoids. Amroid helps prevent recurrence in post –operative cases, regulates bowel movements for systemic care (Tablets) & topical (Ointment).

aimil-lukoskin ointment-640 gm

Aimil Lukoskin

Lukoskin is available in combo pack of oral liquid for internal medication to meet nutritional deficiency and to restore the immune system & ointment for topical application on vitiligious lesions. Lukoskin is safe & effective management of leucoderma & causes significant reduction of associated symptoms.

aimil.purodil gel 20 gms

Aimil Purodil Gel

“Dual Intensive Acne Treatment”

Purodil dual therapy provides poly herbal regimen, recommended for comprehensive management of acne. With unique benefits of dual therapy, it constantly treats all stages of acne, repairs acne
damaged skin, helps to heal breakouts by detoxifying the impurities.